Alfombras de Sal in Adeje for Corpus Christi

Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento
Photo: Adeje Ayuntamiento

An annual spectacle that should not be missed tales place in the main street of Adeje for the religious festival of Corpus Christi. This year it will be on the weekend of 21 and 22 June. Some 3,500 kilos of vibrantly coloured salt will be used to create alfombras de sal (carpets of salt) throughout Calle Grande and Calle Corpus in the old part of the town.  Each carpet is created by a different collective, which will start work on the Saturday in preparation for the procession and service on the Sunday.


  1. Author

    I was going to agree, but it was 6 June last year in La Orotava, which was a Thursday too …

  2. Unusual for it to be on a Wednesday/ Thursday!

  3. Thanks Janet. I’ve seen the carpets at arona and Adeje in the past so hopefully this year I’ll make it to Orotava x

  4. Author

    I’ve heard 19th and 26th June, Fiona, I’ll see if I can find out for sure. I’ll be doing a post in due course when I see a formal announcement in any case.
    edit: it’s the 25th, Fiona, I’ll make a post later.

  5. Hi Janet x do you know the dates that the carpets will appear in Orotava this year?

  6. I had the privilege a few years ago when doing a Spanish Class of getting involved with preparing and making one of the Alfombras .
    From the planning of the Design of Motif , preparing the coloured salt , the effort of constructing it was a great experience especially amongst the many nations involved ( British, Russian,Spanish, German ,Scandinavian ).
    We were “at it” all day until very near midnight on the Friday (not Saturday) so that the displays could be seen on the Saturday before Procession on the Sunday -made us all proud and emotional to see it !
    Well worth a visit , even on the Friday to see the effort that goes into a wonderful spectacle !

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