All Canarian bars, cafes and restaurants to comply with EU food allergy regulations

The 14,290 bars, cafes and restaurants in the Canaries will have to inform their clients about the allergenic content of foods being served. The measure is the result of EU directive 1169/2011, and regional establishments have until the end of 2014 to come into line. The announcement was made by the Santa Cruz Chamber of Commerce, which confirmed that the health department, Sanidad, through the Agencia Española de Consumo, Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutrición, is already implementing the requirements.

Staff working in catering outlets must be informed and trained on the presence of each and every one of the ingredients considered allergens. currently 14 substances in all. The announcement  stressed that cases of food allergies have increased significantly in the past 20 years and, according to the EU, 70% of allergic reactions occur outside the home. The Chamber of Commerce said that it has organized a programme of courses to raise awareness of allergy and food intolerance problems.

Estalishments that do not meet EU food security regulations will now face fines of between €5,000 and €600,000.


  1. Hi Janet,

    Do you know what the 14 substances are or where can I find out?
    Thanks and first again with information.


  2. Im very pleased to hear this as i suffer from severe allergy to dairy producs which is life threatning.i always carry my epipen but this will make people more aware and how dangerous an allergy reaction can be.thanks for this information.

  3. Author

    no, sorry, Paul, I did wonder myself but it wasn’t contained in the information I got. If I come across it, or find a quick way to get to it, I’ll certainly update.

  4. Author

    Kim Cowham on Facebook has given me THIS link, Paul …

  5. They are listed in Annex 11 of the Regulation – interesting in that it mentions Celery, Mustard and Lupin (flowering plant) along with the usual suspects (milk, wheat, eggs, nuts etc)

  6. says the regulations come into force today.

    How is this supposed to work? Who do I contact if there is no information? Will they just say that the food could contain allergens, but they don’t know?

  7. Author

    I don’t know, Stephen. I would have thought that your local consumer office would be the best place to ask.

  8. I saw my first notice about this in a cafe today. it was quite a full A4 Landscape page taped up in a couple of places. Of course it was in Spanish so non readers of Spanish probably have no idea what it is all about. It basically says that they can’t guarantee that their food does not contain the listed allergens.

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