The Amigos de Gillian Banks charity puts on The Chicago Experience to raise funds for underprivileged children

The Amigos de Gillian Banks is a registered association which raises funds for underprivileged children. The asociación is fully legal and what we would understand as a charity in the proper sense of the word (see HERE), and helps these children with vocational and educational training and support. Their next event is The Chicago Experience which is being performed on Monday 28 October at the Los Cristianos Auditorium: the charity aims to raise enough to buy all the children at the El Valito Centre in El Fraile and the Guaidyl Centre in Granadilla school books and some school uniforms. Tickets costing just €15 are available online HERE, as well as at the Los Cristianos Cultural Centre, and at the auditorio box office.


  1. This was a first class performance full of great numbers, an energetic and talented cast and captured the mood perfectly.
    Where and when are they appearing next please?

    1. Author

      Hopefully someone from the charity will be able to answer, but if not, of course I will post any upcoming productions I become aware of.

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