Clean bill of health for Pirámide de Arona

Update 24 May: The building has been given the all clear in a report compiled by technical architects. The issues were related to renovation works being carried out to the false ceiling and ducting above it, but advantage was taken of the works to conduct detailed inspections of the main concrete roof, which is now some 20 years old. This, the report says, not only complies with regulations but is in good condition, and shows absolutely no sign of deterioration or damage. The ducting and false ceiling works have also been fully approved, and the whole building given a clean bill of health.

Original post 27 April: Various productions have been cancelled at the Pirámide de Arona concert hall including the Alan Parsons concert last Friday, and several performances of the Carmen Mota Malizia show. Some people have contacted me to say that they were left unaware of the cancellations until after they’d turned up because they’d booked through agencies which had not recorded their contact details. Others, though, do seem to have been told in advance that the performances for which they’d bought tickets were not going ahead.

The cancellations came after “technical problems” were reported by an “engineer”. The nature of the problems is still not clear, and no official announcement has been made. Given that this is the venue for the forthcoming Starmus conference, it is obviously to be hoped that the problems are not serious, and that while they might be “technical”, they’re not “structural”. It is obviously also to be hoped that some sort of official announcement is made as quickly as possible to reassure people, and to clarify what is happening with events being held or organized in the venue.

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