Angel shark now fully protected by Spanish legislation after being included in Spain’s Catalogue of Endangered Species at risk of extinction

Photo: Angel Shark Project.

The tiburon angelote, which we call an angel shark or monkfish, is a species in danger of extinction through climate change and destruction of its natural habitats, habitats which have reduced from the European and African Atlantic coasts as well as the Mediterranean and Black Sea until the shark has its back against the wall in Canarian waters alone. Thankfully it is also now in receipt of complete protection after being included in the Spanish Catalogue of Endangered Species which are at risk of extinction, a tally of flora and fauna of around 200.

Co-leader of the Angel Shark Project, Dr David Jiménez Alvarado reacted to the news by saying the news “is the best that the species, and we who fight for its survival, could have”, and that the new protection will allow conservationists to form a deeper understanding of its ecology and biology. The listing means that anything that could result in an angel shark’s death, or capture is completely prohibited, as is chasing them, disturbing them,  carrying out any kind of commercial activity with or based around them or their habitat or areas of reproduction.

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