Angler dies after falling into sea at Playa San Juan

A 72-year-old angler died this lunchtime after falling into the sea at Playa San Juan. Emergency services were called out at 11.30am with reports that the man was in difficulties after falling onto the rocks. He was recovered by GES helicopter and brought to the harbour where paramedics found him in cardiac arrest and tried to resuscitate him. Sadly, their efforts were fruitless and he was confirmed dead at the scene.


  1. I watched this man die as I was unable to do anything. He shouted and struggled to live for about 10 minutes and by the time the emergency services arrived, it was too late for him. If there had been lifebelts available along the promenade at Playa San Juan, I believe that he might have been saved. It is so sad and yet this man has already been forgotten by the media. Does he have a name? Does he have people who will grieve for him? He woke up that morning, 26th October 2015, not knowing that it would be his last. Why has there been no mention of this tragic incident in the newspapers? Are these incidents so prevalent, that they are not worth a mention? If that is the case, then something needs to be done soon before the next similar tragedy.
    I shall never forget the desperation of this unknown man’s last moments and his plaintive cries.
    Susan Silvester

    1. Author

      I have seen this reported in most of the Canarian press that I look at, and names are rarely released by the authorities.

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