Animal poisoner at large in Callao Salvaje

There is great concern in Callao Salvaje after several animals have been found dead, and vets confirm the existence of a quite powerful poison.

Up to Monday, at least 10 cats and 3 dogs had been found poisoned over the last few weeks. Pet owners in the town should be aware that the method used is to leave poisoned food on paths and the beach. It is not a danger just to loose animals therefore. If you’re walking your dog and it appears to sniff what looks like discarded food, don’t let it touch it. Residents’ particular worry is that children might find the poisoned food and be made seriously ill, or worse.

Local residents say they have reported the incidents to Adeje Ayuntamiento and the local police, but that neither seemed interested in the problem. Perhaps they see it as a way of controlling the problem of loose animals. Nonetheless, residents persisted and reported the affair to the Guardia Civil, which has taken the reports seriously and is investigating.  DA

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