Animals at risk of poisoning in El Médano

Sarah Wilson, a resident of El Médano and proprietor of Carebear Nannies has drawn attention to a serious situation in El Médano. She says:

Can people PLEASE be very wary in El Medano/Pelada area with their dogs. A good friend of mine lost her dog this week due to being poisoned and I have just heard that its happened to another dog in the same area. The other people were then burgled once the dog had died. Its horrific and a scary time when I have the puppies too, so please can we spread the word and all take care with our animals.

She adds that the Guardia Civil is now aware of the situation and will be watching the area from now on. Please be careful with animals in the area.


  1. where exactly were these dogs living El medano or pelada?

  2. Author

    I’ve asked Sarah, Marie … will get back to you.

  3. Author

    Hi Marie, Sarah says Pelada.

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