The annual Costa Adeje Cocktail competition

The annual Costa Adeje Cocktail Competition will be held from 4pm on Friday 21 June, as usual in the Costa Adeje Tourism Development Centre (CDTCA) in El Galeón. The event is a classification event for the national competitions which will be held in Pamplona in November. An Adeje Ayuntamiento spokesperson said that these events are of great interest and value for tourists and “encourage professionals in the sector to enter and earn national and international recognition.” Tenerife Bartenders Association president David Arrebola García said that “this competition has become the most prestigious of its kind in the sector in the Canaries and gives us recognition nationally”.

Entry to the event is free, and there will be three competitions in all. The Gin-Tonic test, sponsored by Schweppes, and the Classic Cocktail and Flair Barman/Acrobatics categories (both long drinks categories): these last two will send winners to the national competitions.

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