Official launch for Richard Attree’s windsurfing novel, Too Close to the Wind

Updated 8 March: Richard has announced that his book will have an official launch party on Friday 15 March between 6 and 7pm in the Wet Surf Shop, El Cabezo beach, El Médano. The event has a Facebook page HERE and Richard says everyone is welcome to attend. Good luck with the launch, and with the sales, Richard!

Original post 5 January: Nikki Attree, author of Nobody’s Poodle, is already a popular local novelist, and now she is not the only published Attree because her husband Richard’s novel Too Close to the Wind, which he says is the world’s first windsurfing novel which is a celebration of wind, surf, and the human spirit, will be published in February. A free prequel story is now available to whet reader’s appetites, and it can be downloaded in all Ebook formats HERE.

Richard says:

You’ll meet my surfaholic narrator, Nick, discover his eventful back-story and his obsession with the ocean, wind, and surf. ’TOO CLOSE TO THE WIND – THE PREQUEL STORY’ takes Nick from his earliest memory to the day the novel begins—the day he should have drowned.

If you download the Prequel Story you’ll be subscribed to my newsletter and be the first to hear when the novel is available.


  1. Richard says thank you 🙂

  2. Yes … many thanks, Janet. Just to let your readers know: ’TOO CLOSE TO THE WIND’ (the novel) will be published around mid/late February.

    I’m having a book launch here (el Medano, Tenerife) in March … if you live here, or you’re visiting Tenerife, please get in touch for an invite.

    You can follow the book’s progress, help to spread the word, and ‘share the Stoke’ as Nick (my narrator) would say 🙂 by ‘liking’ and sharing my FaceBook page: and you can contact me via my website:

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