Second death from the boat of hope that arrived in Los Cristianos harbour on Tuesday with one dead on board

Updated 10 September: This boat’s tragic crossing has now cost another life. When it arrived one of its occupants had died and four were in very poor condition and transferred to Candelaria Hospital. Now, sadly, one of those four has also died in hospital, the Canarian Government has confirmed. Of the other three, two remain gravely ill.

Original post 8 September: In what is already the busiest season in several years of cayucos and pateras, another tragedy has unfolded this afternoon. Only last month 20 bodies were found in such boats – full of people hopeful of a new life who are mercilessly exploited by people traffickers. And today, a patera with 58 on board was spotted south of Las Galletas. The craft has now been brought into Los Cristianos harbour and sadly one of its occupants has died, while five others have been transferred to medical centres for treatment and are said to be in serious condition. Most on board were men but there were two women and one child with them. Six further craft have been received into Gran Canaria today as well.


  1. The truth is that all of Africa is not a war zone, there are many places these people can resettle and prosper within their native continent. The poor people on these boats have been able to raise substantial funds to pay the people traffickers. My view is that the west coast of Africa from where they are coming is relatively peaceful and they would be better investing their money there rather than risk their lives.

  2. Theresa, i am 100% with you. So Mark it seems you would have half of Africa come and live on your door step, get real man, it a,int gonna happen.

  3. If you want – yes. I’m far from lucky and achieved what I have, not through an accident of birth, I just worked, and worked bl***y hard for what I wanted. End of story.

  4. So unless you have managed to save up plenty of cash you should stay in your war-torn, famine stricken country and not spoil everything for those lucky enough, through an accident of birth, to have everything they need.

  5. Mark – I agree most of us did come here for a better life style etc BUT we pay our way and not depend on hand outs or, possibly, finding work. I was under pension age when I moved here but I was in the fortunate position of being able to pay my way, already had my apartment for several years. I have never been a drain on the islands resources I even pay for prescription drugs in full which, now being a pensioner, I’m entitled to much cheaper. Virtually all of my income is spent here, thereby giving money and employment to the local people. Yes I feel sorry for these boat people in some ways but just don’t keep flooding in here.

  6. “A Boat Of Hope”. Why can’t we all agree that these poor souls are fleeing extreme hardship and leaving their nearest and dearest instead of painting them as gold-digging chancers who should be “sent back to where they came from”? Most of us expats came here in search of a better way of life. Why shouldn’t they?

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