Another drowning in Playa Paraiso

A free diving fisherman (sorry, I don’t know what that is – the Spanish is “pesca submarina a pulmón”) died just before lunchtime today in Playa Paraiso. The 30-year-old died of cardiac arrest, a known symptom of cold water shock, at 11.40am in Playa del Pinque. Emergency services say that they pulled the poor man from the water unconscious and that despite resuscitation efforts carried out by paramedics and a fellow fisherman, efforts for over 40 minutes, finally they were unable to revive him and he was declared dead at the scene. This is the ninth drowning, the sixth fatality, in Tenerife’s waters this month alone. Please do read THIS about cold water shock and undertow if you’re thinking of swimming in the sea here.

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  1. Me and my husband were there on that day of the drowning, it was our last day of our holiday and we were watching two women fishing off the rocks. One of the women looked over to her right and said she could see someone was in trouble, my husband ran over while i followed behind, he could see a man being pulled out of the sea by his fellow fisherman. The waves were so high they kept coming over his head, the fisherman was trying to give him mouth to mouth and compressions but unfortunately there was no life, there was about six of us thereon that day but unfortunately there was nothing anybody could do. One of the women who was fishing call for the emergencies services, they took about 20 minutes to arrive, at that point we left, we could see that it was to late. It took the services about 2 hours to carry him off the beach. I keep seeing him lying there and thinking about his parents. I don’t think i will ever forget this tragic day.

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