Another head-on collision on the TF46 Fonsalia spur leaves three adults injured, one critically, and two children seriously hurt

Photo: Police.

Another frontal collision on the TF46 Fonsalía spur road from the TF1 to the coast has left five people injured, three critically. Emergency services say that they were called out at 8.15am this morning with reports of the accident, and that bomberos had to cut the injured out of the two vehicles involved while Guía de Isora Policía Local assisted in clearing the road for an emergency helicopter to land.

The five occupants of the two cars are a woman who sustained multiple serious injuries, two children of 6 and 6 who also received multiple injuries, and two men with various injuries none of which are especially serious. The woman and two children were transferred to Candelaria Hospital where the woman’s condition is said to be critical, and the children’s to be serious; the men were transferred to Hospiten Sur where they are said to be comfortable.



  1. The road markings are confusing for many foreigners – the single solid ‘centre line’ (which you should not cross) would be better replaced by a double white line, if Spanish road regulations permit the use of double whites. I’m sure I have seen some double whites on the stretch of the TF1 up to Santiago del Teide.

  2. railings or bollards are needed ,worse road ever , we try and avoid it if possible

  3. Have loved this road from day one as it has cut down on travelling time and also made travelling mor comfortable than twisty, bendy narrow back roads down to the coast. Now am beginning to hate this road it is so dangerous and there are two many people flaunting the the speed regulations and people have been seen deliberately crossing this solid white line to overtake. Just horrendous – something needs doing about it rapidly before anyone else is killed or injured seriously.

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