Another kamikaze accident on the TF1 leaves one dead and two seriously injured

A 64-year-old woman died after driving the wrong way on the southbound carriageway of the TF1 in Arico and causing a head-on collision last night. Emergency services say that they were called out shortly before 2am with reports that there had been a crash with one of the vehicles travelling in the wrong direction. Four ambulances were dispatched but crew were sadly unable to assist the woman who was declared dead at the scene. The two men with whose car she collided were treated at the scene and transferred to Candelaria Hospital where the condition of both is said to be serious.  


  1. Maybe it’s my age and possibly where I live in Tenerife but I am becoming more and more reluctant to drive anywhere. The extention to the TF1 from Adeje to Santiago del Teide is a fast route to the coast, but, there are no barriers to stop any vehicles crossing into the oncoming lanes. Traveling from Adeje to Santiago del Teide there are two lanes, but doing the opposite journey there is only one lane. On 3 occasions I have been traveling towards Adeje and been terrified when a vehicle has overtaken me, so, driving in the fast lane of oncoming traffic. Some sort of barrier needs to be put in place, There is nothing more than arrows in the road to stop people traveling in the wrong direction if they are not regular users of the road. My heart goes out to the womans family and the two men injured in the collision.

  2. I was a very confident driver in Scotland but l am to nervous to drive here as so many roads have dangerous junctions and giving way to traffic on the left can change to give way to traffic on the right. An example is coming out of Siam Mall at the first roundabout travelling toward Los Cristianos. Fast traffic comes off the motorway on your right. They have priority but there is no real sign to alert you of this.
    My sympathy to all involved in this latest traffic accident.

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