British man shot as Playa de las Américas money exchange robbed at gunpoint

Update 10pm: The gunman entered the shop and started threatening the man in charge, but despite what must have been an extremely intimidating experience, he started shouting that he was being robbed. This was when the thief shot at him four times, hitting him once in the arm, where the bullet passed straight through. This brave individual was released from hospital this afternoon, and attended the police station to give his evidence.

It seems that his shouts resulted in several people trying to stop the gunman escaping, including one throwing a chair at him. The thief, however, brandished his gun and managed to make good his escape. It appears that he went into a nearby commercial centre and changed his clothes in the bathroom. Police are trying to use CCTV images from the commercial centre to identify him. All that is released at present, however, is that he is a man of around 1.8 metres tall, wearing a light shirt and a cap.  DA

Original post noon: It’s only just over a month since I posted THIS report of an armed robbery on a money exchange-excursion shop in Los Cristianos, and now someone has been shot in an armed attack at 8.50 this morning in another such establishment in Playa de las Américas.

The injured person is a 58-year-old British man who was employed at the money exchange. He has been taken to Hospitén Sur, and there is currently no information as to the extent of his injuries, other than he was shot, not mortally, in the upper arm. The exchange shop targeted this time was in Paseo de Las Tosqueras, at the rear of the Vulcano hotel. PV

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  1. i think its getting very scarey in tenerife, i have lived here for the last 10 years, all you hear about, are muggings, people getting robbed dragged and hurt, they phone the police and nothing gets done, and nothing is being done to warn people about whats going on here, people are getting robbed in the shops, these shops have security guards, why the hell do they not look out for these pick pockets, they are the same gangs, they dont buy anything in these shops just go in to rob people then leave, its about time something was said in the papers, and the police need to do there job and catch the scum thats causing misery, to residents and tourists,

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