Another patera arrives at Tenerife

Another patera has arrived in Tenerife. Emergency services say that one carrying 28 occupants was seen off the Granadilla coast earlier today. None of the occupants required medical assistance and they are now in due process in care of the Guardia Civil.


  1. Thank you, I will keep an eye on your page for updates. I know some complain about them being a drain on resources but when you see they risk their lives & arrive with nothing I pity them & hope they can be safe.

  2. Sorry Janet I seemed to have missed your post on that one

  3. There was another one at El Medano just a couple of days before. Seems only 6 were found, the rest escaped or sadly were drowned.

  4. Good afternoon Janet, my friends & I witnessed the arrival of the patera in El Medano beach yesterday. There were at least 6 children on board, one of which we wrapped in our beach towels and I cuddled him to try get him warm for almost an hour before the red cross arrived. His name was Sobu he was aged 10. I think that afternoon will haunt me for life, but so will the many acts of kindness shown by people who brought them food & water. I wondered if you knew what will happen to them. Many thanks.

    1. Author

      On this occasion, as I understand it, the adults have been taken away and the children are being treated separately. There is some outrage in some quarters at the separation but I haven’t heard more at this stage. I’ll update if there’s any more news, of course, but at the moment it’s still early days.

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