Another tourism viral sex video – this time in Costa Adeje Sunblast festival

There was enough fuss in the national and international press when a Northern Irish girl performed oral sex on a group of youths in a bar in Magaluf, Mallorca, recently (link HERE to the Mail as an example). This is not the sort of tourism we want, said a local mayor. Now Adeje is saying the same thing, after a couple were recorded on several mobile phones having sex in the open at the Sun Blast festival at the Golf Costa Adeje just over a week ago.

As in Magaluf, the recordings have been uploaded onto social media and have gone viral, and again it is the girl who has come in for the sexist comments and threatening reactions. And again, as in Magaluf, locals and tourism authorities are outraged, and say that this is not the sort of tourism we want. HERE is a link to a video of Telecinco’s coverage of the story – they have a still or two from the video but, as they say, they are not showing it because the story is not being reported for titillation, but because of is the damage it represents for tourism.




  1. Come on guys, ease up a little. Haven’t any of you been to a festival before. This sort of thing has been happening worldwide since the 60’s, only nowadays there is always someone with a mobile phone recording it.

  2. Thankfully, this is a lot less damaging than the Magaluf incident: probably not too different to what one would see on the beaches late at night during the Summer in many a holiday resort. Good to hear that the Magaluf bar has been shut by the Authorities for two months and heavily fined as a result.

  3. Not on Tenerife, P,Lease.

  4. I totally agree with this action. These things have no place for public viewing and are purely for the titillation and should not be allowed. It makes the females appear to be loose women – which they are – and they and the men should be prosecuted in law-courts. Any of these actions should only be done in the privacy of home environment.

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