Tenerife heatwave alert finally lifted

Update 14 August: Aemet has now lifted the heatwave alert for Tenerife. Today, Gran Canaria remains on yellow alert, but  from tomorrow, there will be no alerts in any of the Canaries. Good news particularly, of course, for firefighting efforts in La Gomera.

Update 8 August: Tenerife’s alert has been raised to orange for Saturday, with temperatures of up to 37º forecast.

Update 8 August: And the alert has now been issued. Tenerife has a yellow alert for temperatures of up to 35º on Friday, with the eastern islands all on orange alert for 37º.

Original post 7 August:  Aemet has announced a serious heatwave for the weekend that will affect almost the whole of the Spanish mainland, with temperatures of up to 44º. Here in the Canaries, we will notice the increased heat, though thankfully not to that sort of extent. Alerts are likely to be put in place tomorrow, but for the moment, temperatures of around 35º are expected from Friday, particularly for the eastern islands of Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, and at mid-altitude in the western islands. The heat is expected to start dispersing slowly from Sunday.

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