Update 16 December 2013: This problem seems to have arisen again, which perhaps for once every 18 months isn’t too bad! My designer and host has sorted it out again, though, so it should work now. As I said before, however, if anyone fails to get a reply from me in 24 hours, there could well be a problem like this because I try to reply to everyone within that time. If this is ever the case when you try to contact me, please do email me directly on help@janetanscombe.com.

Original post 1 July 2012: I have discovered today that there’s been a problem with my “contact me” page since late May at the least. I’ve just come home to 100 emails, so thought that I’d post a general apology to all who have been expecting or hoping for a reply, or even worse, who didn’t even expect a reply at all! I always try to reply to all messages within 24 hours, so please if you ever fail to get a response within, say, 48 hours, send me an email (help@janetanscombe.com). I’m now ploughing through 100 emails and replying to them all. Please forgive what might sometimes seem a rushed style!

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