Aqualand announces birth of baby dolphin

Aqualand has announced with great delight the birth of a male baby dolphin on 12 August. His mother, Yemaya, was herself born in the water park 12 years ago, and the new infant, who is in good health, is her second baby. He is expected to participate in exhibitions when he is three or four years old.

The baby dolphin weighed 15 kilos and measured 1.5 metres at birth, and is apparently very energetic, having started making dolphin calls within just 3 hours of being born. He is feeding well and regularly, and swims tirelessly alongside Yemaya.

Yemaya’s first baby was born in the park when she was 7 years old, becoming in the process one of the youngest dolphin mothers in Europe. She is an exemplary mother, said José Luis Barbero, Technical Director of the Dolphinarium at Aqualand, who explained that the dolphin had fed her first infant for three years, behaviour which convinced them that she would once more be an excellent mother for her new baby. Her skills, indeed, have led to her being chosen as one of the females who form part of the dolphin therapy programme at the water park.  Canarias24Horas

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