Man critically ill after another rubbish burning incident, this time in San Isidro

Update 31 March: And there’s been another accident fire, though thankfully this time the victim is alive. The 60-year-old man is gravely ill, however, after being trapped in a shack after setting fire to some rubbish shortly after 3pm this afternoon on some land in the La Constitución area of San Isidro. He was transferred by ambulance to Hospitén Sur, where he remains critically ill. PV

Original post 29 March: The burnt body of a 71-year-old man identified as B.N.M was found yesterday after an horrific accident in which he seems to have been caught up in a fire he started to burn rubbish. He had been missed some days earlier, by family and neighbours, who reported an explosion and smoke coming from behind his house in Los Morales, near Arico, at the week-end. His body, which is still to be formally identified, has been transferred to the Instituto Anatómico Forense for autopsy. PV

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