Aroferia 2010, Feria de Vinos, Quesos y Dulces Canarios 5, 6, 7 November in Valle San Lorenzo

cartel aroferia VSL arona 2010

Valle de San Lorenzo will host the Aroferia 2010, Feria de Vinos, Quesos y Dulces Canarios on 5, 6 and 7 November in the town’s Plaza. This is the third time this wine, cheese and sweets fair has been held, organized by the Patronato de Cultura de Arona. Entry is free.

The fair is a exhibition of traditional Canarian food and wine culture. During the three days, all sorts of foods and drinks will be on offer together with folklore and music activities.

Friday 5:
5pm: Opening of the Fairground.
7pm: Official inauguration accompanied by the Parranda El Ron.
Saturday 6:
10am: Opening of the fairground.
11am: Arona wines tasting.
6pm: Demonstración of Leche Mecida (a sort of milk churning).
8pm: Music and dance from the Agrupación de Pulso y Púa of the Escuela Municipal de Música y Danza de Arona.
Sunday 7:
10am: Opening of the fairgorund.
11am: Canarian sweets workshop.
7.30pm: Homage to the sweetmaker Doña Julia García Morales, followed by a performance by the Agrupación de Folklórica Amigos de Punta Rasca, and the final closure of the Aroferia.

Anyone wishing to participate actively in the winetasting or the sweets workshop needs to sign up in the Los Cristianos Centro Cultural before November 3. Winetasting form HERE; sweets workshop form HERE. More information HERE and HERE, or by phone on 922 757 006.

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