Arona announces renewal of drinking water supply network in several parts of municipality

Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento.

Arona Ayuntamiento has announced that it has finalised plans to renew the drinking water supply network in several parts of the municipality. Mayor José Julián Mena said that the whole plan was a major effort to improve residents’ lives and that priority would be given to those areas which suffer frequent breakdowns in supply. The first works will take place in Calle Olimpia in Costa del Silencio, La Peraza (La Camella), and Calle Real in Buzanada, and projects are already drawn up and approved ready for contracts to be awarded. The works are a major investment by the council, with the Costa del Silencio project, involving the replacement of 2km of pipework, alone costed at around €100,000 for the works which are expected to take two months. The La Peraza works to follow are costed at just under €200,000.


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