Arona Ayuntamiento criticises Cabildo’s plans to improve Los Cristianos access traffic congestion as worse than useless

Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento.

Arona Ayuntamiento has said it is very concerned at the inadequacy of the proposals offered by the Tenerife Cabildo after several meetings to improve traffic movement and access in Los Cristianos, especially with the unblocking of the El Mojón area plans, the award of two hotel licences, and the physical start of works in the area being developed.

The council says that the Cabildo’s Roads Department, Carreteras, has not taken into account the extent of the developments that will happen in the town over the next several months, and that the proposals are no better than a sticking plaster which will not only fail to help, but will actually make the situation worse because they take no account of the building works traffic which will also use the routes in and around the area between the motorway and the main roundabout while the development is taking place.

A main problem the council has identified with the Cabildo’s plans is the focus primarily, almost exclusively says the council, on changing the direction of the roundabout at the motorway itself to create a continuous lane leading directly down to the main roundabout opposite the Apolo Centre, which the council says will simply move one traffic jam to a different place, nearer the town and making that area far worse than the bottleneck it already is, especially with works traffic adding to the problem.

The council says that it has come up with various proposals for routing traffic through and around the El Mójon development area, and so keeping traffic away from the dual carriageway access road to the town, as well as introducing new connections for other existing roundabouts, and perhaps even for a new connection with the motorway itself. As such, Councillor Luis García expressed surprise that the Cabildo is not only failing to take up the idea of integral solutions but then provides instead an idea of its own that is no solution at all, and is rather an existing Canarian Government idea for a “megajunction” to improve access to the port for which there is neither money nor project in any case.

This is a problem that is not going to go away, and it seems that a solution is very far from about to come.

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