At long last squatters occupying Los Cristianos eyesore CC Los Tarajales are evicted

Photo: Arona Policia Local.

Updated 30 September 2020: I suppose in some systems it’s what counts as speeded-up legal action, but even those who thought it could be sooner will no doubt be relieved that at last the CC Los Tarajales has been cleared of squatters. The evictions took place earlier today and brought to an end an entire decade of illegal occupation of the commercial centre. Locals and visitors will hope that it also brings to an end the eyesore that the area had become. Arona police say that they were pleased to collaborate in the evictions, and that the enforcement of the judicial order went off without incident. Arona Ayuntamiento, for its part, says that it is putting in motion a plan to support those who were squatting and who are now homeless.

Original post 10 July 2018: Only the other day local hoteliers were demanding action over the squatting in the new and unopened commercial centre Los Tarajales, on the front in Los Cristianos, and now Arona Urbanism councillor Luis García has taken up the call and pleaded for the legal system to speed up the eviction procedure. Legal sources have confirmed that an eviction order has been issued by the Courts but say there are “administrative procedures” which still have to be completed. Meanwhile, the council itself is now increasingly concerned at what is an eyesore in prime tourist territory on the eve of the main holiday season.

The commercial centre is owned by two private businessmen, who García said “had been prosecuting the case for a long time, one in which the Ayuntamiento could not interfere”. The council, like the local police, are clearly irked at the possibility that they will be held responsible for either the situation or the apparent inaction of eviction procedures, especially given the efforts being made at municipal level to improve other parts of the same area, such as the first phase of improvements to the Los Tarajales paseo marítimo, scheduled to begin at the end of July, as I reported HERE just last month.


  1. Thats the one Janet, it backs on to the market area. It is a shame that they have had to move out of there Front Line, Gated Complex, overlooking the sea, some i might add, have had the luxury of living in apts. known locally as Penthouses.

  2. Hi Janet, didnt know where to post this, so i will leave it to you! a while back i asked if the illegal “tennents” in the buildings by the Arona Gran where still resident, nothing has been mentioned of late, i read today on facebook and saw pictures that they had been removed, this happened about the same time as the squatters at Caleta were moved on, about a week ago, so well done the local authorities. Apologies again for wrong place of posting.

    1. Author

      Hi Ray, I’ve moved it to this post … is this the building you mean? The commercial centre in Los Cristianos along the front from the Arona Gran?

  3. Unless a permanent solution is found then you are only moving the problem elsewhere as Adeje council have found with the La Caleta beach dwellers unfortunately.

  4. I do hope that the people who have been evicted will be well looked after. This is where they lived.

  5. A number of security staff are in place being the high metal, chained barriers and there have been frequent police patrols. A few of the ex occupants remain close by but most have moved elsewhere, hopefully eventually to go somewhere else that they can call home.

  6. Hi
    love your website and am always directing people who need advice to you.

    i require some advice on a subject i have no idea about so any advice or information would be very much appreciated.
    i have a local on a ground floor apartment block that i would like to turn into a studio apartment
    it has electric and bathroom + was originally used a place of work. am trying to find a for contact Luis García planning but i dont know if he or his department would be the the correct detection to go

    1. Author

      It’s a good place to start! There aren’t publicly available contact details for him but he is HERE and as you’ll see he is contacted through the main email address.

  7. Valuable, and unique Janet thanks. I see little or nothing about the Merlin ” resort” in Calleo Salvaje – shame this negates the public and private investment locally which is making the village enjoyable. No doubt a complicated legal long – running saga, but do not the Authorities have compulsory purchase powers as well as a duty to safeguard the public. ?

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