Arona Ayuntamiento allows families to return to repaired Valle San Lorenzo apartment block

Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento. The facade of the cordoned-off building on 21 March 2017,

Updated 6 April: Arona Ayuntamiento has this afternoon authorized the return of families to the apartment block in Valle San Lorenzo that was evacuated and cordoned off on 20th March as a precautionary measure after fears arose over its structural safety. The council says that the faults which were noted in the technical reports have now been corrected, and the building safe for occupancy.

Updated 21 March: Arona Ayuntamiento says that those evacuated from the building will not be able to return immediately for security reasons. The council confirms that it has housed 9 out of the 25 residents in private accommodation, with the others having made independent arrangements: the building comprises fourteen dwellings, twelve of which were occupied. Council technicians checked the premises in Valle San Lorenzo this morning and confirmed that it was safe to allow residents back in, accompanied by Policía Local, to collect personal items. The building and surrounding area is now cordoned off while investigations continue, with the problem thought to be concern over the integrity of the construction due to degredation of the structural pillars.

Original post 20 March: Arona Ayuntamiento is taking no chances after the collapse of the apartment building in Los Cristianos in April last year, and has evacuated an apartment block in Valle San Lorenzo this evening. The council says that the order to empty the building, Edf Plaza at 12 Calle Plaza San Lorenzo, was given at 9pm as a precautionary measure after technical advice following a visual inspection that was carried out at the request of the building’s comunidad confirmed structural damage.

The council says that the precautionary measure required the evacuation of the whole building, to the perimeter, and was taken because the security of the residents was the principal concern. The evacuation affects 14 apartments in all, and the majority of the residents have alternative accommodation with family; the council has confirmed that it is seeking other options for those residents who don’t have anywhere else to go.

The council’s Urbanism technicians will carry out a complete structural inspection tomorrow.

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  1. I saw a clip on the news last night. It showed a supporting pillar in the garage. The concrete had fallen off and the exposed re-inforcing rods were bending under the weight they were supporting. It didnt look good.

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