Fourth anniversary of Tenerife tragedy when Los Cristianos building collapsed

Photo: Bomberos Tenerife.

Today is the fourth anniversary of the appalling tragedy in Tenerife when an apartment block collapsed in Los Cristianos. This year, there won’t be the now traditional sad and simple ceremonies of remembrance to the seven victims of Edf Julián José and their loved ones, with the council holding an official memorial, but everyone will no doubt spare a thought for those who perished at 9am on that sad day in 2016.

There are further links to other aspects of the tragedy here:

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Police thank the dogs who located the victims in the Los Cristianos building collapse

Arona Ayuntamiento appeals Court ruling which found no criminal responsibility behind collapse of Los Cristianos apartment block

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  1. I still can not get over the noise and dust never mind the lives it took.
    We was eating at the hideaway bar next door and was the last to leave at 11.30 pm still have the photos with friends.
    The next morning I was changing money opposite Churchill’s bar when I heard the roar truly sounded like a bomb I ran to take a look and the whole street was filling with dust and smoke there was about 5 people and me there just looking at each other the whole building was gone

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