Arona council promises Palm Mar residents that their concerns will be listened to and acted on

Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento
Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento

Arona ayuntamiento says that the recent meeting held by Arona mayor, Francisco José Niño, and Environment, Works and Security councillors Antonio Sosa, Ramón García and Manuel Reverón with residents of Palm Mar was productive. The council says that it has made a commitment to seek means of maintaining the urbanisation in the best possible conditions until existing service contracts are modified to include the area, which had not been adopted at the time they were issued.

In particular the local authority leaders agreed to prioritise the issues with which residents were especially concerned, namely maintenance and cleaning, and a greater police presence. The same issues applied, said the council to other recently adopted areas such as Garañaña (Costa del Silencio) and Parque de la Reina.

Palm Mar was adopted in 2005, but it took until the end of 2013 for the dissolution of the Conservation Unit which had previously been responsible for the area. Residents will hope that in the future Palm Mar gets the municipal care it deserves, and that the meeting and commitment given by the council are not just election year promises.

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  1. Thank You so much Janet for your continued support for Palm Mar residents. Hopefully we will see more action taken by Arona Council, regards the maintenance and cleaning of this lovely place.

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