Arona en 1000 sabores – prize winner for originality is Las Piratas in Las Galletas

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Update 25 August: The 3 winners of the competition for the public’s favourite were announced today. I have only heard of one prize, that of “originality”, which went to “Las Piratas” in Las Galletas. The owner, Julie Burridge, who has been a very well known name in the Tenerife entertainment and hospitality scene for many years, says that she is really pleased to receive this recognition. Apart from the pleasure in winning, Julie says that Las Piratas has a fantastic chef and the restaurant is slowly building a very good reputation.

I’ll try and find out the winners of the other two prizes at some point, but for now, have posted above a couple of photos of Las Piratas. It looks very inviting indeed, and with a fantastic chef, and now a prize for originality too, is definitely on my list of places to try!

arona 1000 sabores 2011

Original post 5 August: “Arona in 1000 flavours – Gastronomic Seafood Route” starts today, and will last until 21 August. Over 20 restaurants and bars in the municipality will be offering seafood tapas with a drink of wine or local beer for €3.

The initiative is organized by the local economic and employment development board to introduce people to local foods, and to attract business. There is also a competition for the public to vote on their favourite tapas; the votes will go into a draw for the prize of a dinner for two at one of the participating restaurants.

These are:

LAS GALLETAS: Bar El Rincón de Taguluche, Bar Bistro Las Piratas, Bar Restaurante Cervecería Punto Azul, Bar Restaurante El Pantalán, Café del Puerto, Bar Restaurante La Isla, Cafetería Brisa del Mar, Bar Cafetería Los Vinitos, Bar Cafetería La Gramola, Café Restaurante Bohemia, Cervecería La Espuma, Duogar.

COSTA DEL SILENCIO: Restaurante China Town, Soraya Café.

LA ESTRELLA DEL SUR: Cafetería Repsol del Fraile, Pizzería Pepa y Pepe, Cafetería Arepera El del Medio.

LAS ROSAS: Restaurante Casa Mary.

EL FRAILE: Cafetería Arepera Darias.

PALM MAR: Bar El Pescaíto, Tasca Punta de Rasca y Bar Restaurante Rancho El Palm – Mar.

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