Protest by Arona gardening workers who are still on strike over unpaid wages

Update 28 March: This dispute is still continuing, with more than 80 Arona gardening workers protesting today in front of the Ayuntamiento to demand what is now two months of unpaid wages, and to insist that their strike is indefinite.

They speak of “administrative incompetence” (surely not) with an apparent transfer of responsibilities between current and future contractors, and companies unable to pay staff working for the council because the council itself owes the companies money.

The Ayuntamiento says it “seeking formulas” so that the workers can be paid, but José Luis Santana, of the business committee, said that “nobody deserves this madness”. That’s the truth.  C24H

Original post 16 March: Arona gardening workers, employed by municipal contractor Camilo Álvarez Sánchez (CAS), have announced a strike starting this Friday as a result of unpaid wages. Workers say they have not received February’s payment, nor March’s extra payment as stipulated in their contracts agreed by their Unions, and insist they will remain on strike until they are paid.

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