Multi-faith memorial service this afternoon for victims of Los Cristianos building collapse

Updated 27 April: Just a reminder of this service today, with traffic restrictions from 3pm, and the service itself at 7pm in the church in Church Square. It will be projected onto screens outside in the square for any who would like to attend to pay their respects – the church is expected to be full to overflowing.

Updated 26 April: There will be serious restrictions on traffic in Los Cristianos centre tomorrow afternoon because of the crowd expected to attend the memorial service, and because of the route the cortege will take. The restrictions will start at 3pm, and will be lifted once the whole event is over. The council has released the following graphic of the measures in place.

disruption 27th

Updated 25 April: Arona Ayuntamiento says that the multi-faith memorial service for the victims of the Los Cristianos building collapse will be held this Wednesday, 27 April, at 7pm in the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen, which is the church in Church Square. Catholic, Protestant (Lutheran) and Islamic representatives will be there, being the three faiths professed by the victims.

The service will be conducted by the Bishop of Tenerife, Bernardo Álvarez, from La Laguna; Los Cristianos parish priest José Estévez; Canarian Islamic Community advisor Tijani El Bouji; president of Los Cristianos Muslim Community Ahmed All Al Ahmed; and representatives of the Lutheran Church.

The Church has capacity for a congregation of some 600, and the service will be projected onto screens that will be placed in the square so that people can watch outside if more than this attend, as is expected. A special area of the Church has been reserved for the many rescue, security and emergency teams who took part in the recovery operation, and who will be at the service to pay their respects.

Original post 21 April: Arona Ayuntamiento says that the identities of the seven victims of the collapsed building in Los Cristianos have now been confirmed by the Instituto de Medicina Legal. They are (only some families have agreed with the details being released).

  • Mariflor González González, 71 years old, from Avilés in Asturias
  • Antonio Jesús García Beltrán, 55 years old, from Los Cristianos
  • a 29 year-old woman resident in Los Cristianos
  • a 41-year-old Moroccan woman
  • a 77-year-old Italian woman
  • a 41-year-old Italian man
  • and a 72-year-old Finnish man

Where appropriate, repatriations of the bodies is likely this weekend. Other families will carry out cremations here and take the ashes home.

Arona says that there will be a multi-faith memorial service for the victims, and the date will be announced shortly.


  1. Janet,
    Well done on keeping us up to date with events on this awful tragedy, do you know if there is any thing been set up re donations.

    Regards June & Roy

    1. Author

      No, but the council and the Canarian Government are supporting those affected, even to the extent of a year’s rent being paid for some. There is no shortage of official help, probably because this was a specific rather than a general disaster. There is nothing that public donations could achieve, really, even though people naturally feel they want to help.

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