Arona initiates project to control stray cats

Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento.

Arona’s environment department has set up a pilot project with Live Arico Pet Animal Welfare Supporters to control the colonies of stray cats in the municipality by sterilizataion, vet checks and proper feeding. The project will start with a number of feeding stations to get the cats used to the idea of regular food and for the council thereby to formulate a census of the problem. The idea thereafter is to catch and sterilize the cats, and then to release them.

The council says that “control is important to avoid public health problems, but the essential idea is that the animals don’t suffer any harm or mistreatment, and for everyone to collaborate for us to identify the colonies”. Environment councillor Yurena García stressed that above all it wants people to help by NOT feeding stray cats because this will undermine the project, which is seeking to attract the cats to the designated feeding stations.

The council hopes that it will be a much better position in dealing with stray cat control within six or seven months, and all without causing suffering to the animals concerned. Councillor García said that anyone who is interested in joining the volunteer network, called Cat Colony Project, to collaborate in the programme, including capture and transfers, or adoption or fostering, should call 603 720 875 or send an email to


  1. Good idea I love cats I have a house cat brought her over from the UK. I am willing to help have own car and drive and know most areas.

    1. Author

      Anyone who wants to help, please do get in touch with the organizers as per the details above … I’m not an intermediary in this project.

  2. Great idea.Would be willing to help.

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