Arona joins with AECC to increase facilities in south Tenerife for cancer sufferers

Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento.

Arona is always an equal partner in the Walks for Life to raise money for breast cancer research so it’s no surprise to see the municipality playing an increased role in the daily life and well-being of breast cancer sufferers and survivors in south Tenerife. The council has announced that as a result of collaboration with the Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (Spanish cancer association) there is now a greater provision for transport to Candelaria Hospital for those receiving treatment, and for swimming exercises for those who have had a mastectomy. Also, as of yesterday, the AECC has new units in Edf Verodal, in Calle Montaña Chica in Los Cristianos, where physiotherapy services will be offered.

The new facilities were inaugurated by the mayor of Arona, José Julián Mena, and Social Services councillor, Elena Cabello Moya, together with the manager of AECC in the Canaries, Carlota Cobo, and AECC’s south area coordinator, Loli Sebares. Mayor Mena said that the municipality was committed to bringing social and health resources to the people of Arona, especially in something as important as cancer treatment and help.  Councillor Cabello said that the project would be entirely subsidized by the Ayuntamiento for Arona residents, including transport to Candelaria Hospital for oncological treatments.

The facility will also offer physiotherapy for cancer patients to supplement their psychological and social care, as well as providing information about other free services offered by AECC like temporary accommodation for those receiving treatment, transport, loans of ortho prosthetic material, aquatic programmes, smoking cessation programmes, or financial and food aid.

There is also a bus for patients with cancer needing to attend Candelaria Hospital for treatment: ring 648 914 927.


  1. Does this service for cancer care patients only apply to breast cancer patients I wonder? Why do we only see breast cancer given publicity when there are many other types of cancer, as evident by the numerous patients I see at the Oncology clinic at hosp/Candelaria. For a few years now I have travelled back and forth – had surgery and chemo for months, for colo-rectal cancer and how welcome this service will now be for many living in the south. But Arona Council needs to get the message out there to the cancer patients. It is only few weeks since I was at the oncology clinic, but saw no information regarding this? The only notice board as such with info/various leaflets is right by the desk where you check in and always crowded with patients so little chance to read anything important .
    The service has improved greatly over the time I have been going and now I see that there is now a CTscanner in Mojon. What a boon for patients in the South, relieving them of numerous trips to SC . I have nothing but praise for all the staff involved in my cancer care over the years at Candelaria . So well done Arona for making these social and health resources more accessible for those living in the South of the Island.
    from ‘ Penny – Arona’

    1. Author

      It won’t only be breast cancer because the AECC is the Spanish Cancer Association, not just breast cancer. And to be fair to the council my article was based on a press release they issued when the new facilities opened, though I agree the general level of publicity given to things of import here is abysmal!

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