Arona litter – are more leaflets really an answer?

Maybe the issue is a difference in cultural expectation. Certainly it’s an issue of irony, because at the very point this morning when a post on the Tenerife Residents and Visitors Facebook group (link) was despairing about the litter problem in Los Cristianos, with particular frustration being expressed about Miller Excursions leaflets, Arona council itself was presenting its Arona me importa campaign, with the byline “Guía de buenas prácticas para la Gestión de los Residuos de Bares, Cafeterías y Restaurantes del municipio de Arona” (Good practice guide for disposal of rubbish by bars, cafés and restaurants in Arona).

Clearly the council expects a lot of personal responsibility to be taken in terms of keeping the borough tidy, whereas, culturally, expatriate residents and visitors expect at least part of their rates to contribute towards the council’s management and removal of litter, and towards keeping the borough clean and tidy. Contributors to the Facebook post are trying to get local papers interested and are complaining direct to the council. The same is happening with garden waste and dog mess in Palm Mar. Perhaps the council should distribute some of its leaflets to its own departments. The link for the Arona me importa campaign is HERE. It has a clickable link to download the leaflet … but then again, more leaflets are perhaps not what Arona needs …


  1. I think that the overall impression that tourists must get from this once clean and wonderful island must be that of dirt, dirt and more dirt and especially ‘dog dirt’. What a dirty nation we have become when we can’t even remove our own litter and clean up after our animals. It is a known fact that the dangers of faecal dirt can be very serious by the number of bacteria present in this. I am an animal lover but not a dog owner lover! They, and they alone are responsible for cleaning up after their pets and putting the faecal material into a bag and then to dispose of it safely, down the toilet. Whatever happened to the fines the authorities were supposedly imposing on these owners? Faecal contamination can be responsible for many viral illnesses so clean up your act please dog owners. I live on a main road where walkers drop their general rubbish like water bottles and the like – TAKE IT HOME and put it in the bin. We are constantly cleaning the front of our house and disinfecting where we need. I have lived here many years now and rubbish litters this island to an appalling degree. Authorities please do something drastic about this problem. Large bill boards of the type used for elections could be used to try to hit home the message – we never see any posters regarding cleaning your rubbish away and certainly none regarding the health risks about dog dirt.

  2. I totally agree with Linda Fisher, as I am also a resident of Parque de la Reina, this park could have been wonderful, but unfortunately it is just becoming an eyesore. The roofing over the seats has been done with cheap ply which was peeled away by the sun within weeks of the construction being finished, as for the smart stones that cover the walls they have been coming away from the bases almost as soon as the park was opened. This isn’t helped by the vandelism. There was also to have been a dog run included in the park which might have reduced the amount of dog mess on the streets, but the dog run never materialised. I can understand the Street cleaner not going in the park, as I wouldn’t think it part of his job, but I do think the Council should have considered the cleaning when the park was opened.

  3. I live in Parque De La Reina and I am disgusted with the state of our relatively new park Arona spent over 3million on it and yet it is never cleaned it is actually being vandalised and nobody seems to give a dam. I walk round the park every morning for excercise and the litter bins are overflowing with litter, there is a road sweeper outside the park who never enters it! What is the point of giving a community a park that could be wonderful and totally ignoring it!

  4. It is disgraceful in front of El Rincon Apartments x

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