Arona police seize fake goods in Playa de las Américas as street vendors flee

Photo: Arona Ayuntamiento.

Updated 21 November: Police say that their intensified work against illegal street vendors in Arona resulted in another 50 or so bags and wallets being seized, again in the area of the CC Safari in Playa de las Américas. The operation took place this last weekend, and saw three men run when they saw the police, leaving the goods they were selling behind.

Updated 19 September: Arona Policía Local have seized some 40 fake handbags and wallets near the CC Safari in Playa de las Américas. The ongoing campaign against street vendors in the tourist areas of the municipality is based on Article 50 of the council’s bylaws established in 2006, which prohibits itinerant sales of any types of food, drink, or other products in public areas unless with specific authorization: although routinely policed, there are periodic intensifications of focus on the practice. The current haul was made by two officers belonging to the Seguridad Ciudadana unit, and resulted in the flight of three suspects leaving the fake goods behind.

Original post 25 April: Arona Policía Turística have seized over 80 kg de goods in 15 interventions in just three days of a special operation against street vendors in the coastal paths in Los Cristianos and Playa de las Américas. The council says that it had become aware of a growth in peddlers along the whole of the municipality’s coastline and a corresponding deterioration in the image the area gives to tourists, as well as the unfair advantage such itinerant vendors have over local businesses who pay their taxes and contribute to public services.

The police operation will continue so as to enforce article 50 of council bylaws established in 2006 which prohibits itinerant sales of any types of food, drink, or other products in public areas unless with specific authorization. The bylaw does, in fact, also make it an offence to buy from such peddlers, as well as to assist them by warning of the approach of police or other authorities.

Local police councillor Carolina Reverón said that some of the goods confiscated were in fact dumped by the street vendors when they fled from the police operation in order to avoid being denounced, though none of those personally stopped or searched were illegal immigrants, and none had falsified paperwork. None the less, all were selling illegally.  The goods are held in lieu of settlement of a fine of €126, though so far only one person has actually paid up and recovered his property.


  1. Hi Janet
    A quick and sensible question
    What do the police do with confiscated items, is there an auction or do the police keep them

    1. Author

      With stolen goods I know they keep them and attempt to reunite their owners with them. With such as these, I don’t know.

  2. Here in Puerto de la Cruz we don’t have as many sellers but they still are a nuisance especially when you are enjoying a quiet meal and all of a sudden as if by magic you are confronted with tacky bracelets and watches being plonked on your table. I must admit that if you tell them to go away they normally do just that. Personally I think they should be banned from entering any restaurant.

  3. They can be seen most of the Tenerife web cams in the same place every day but as Janet says they have not got the resources to stop them and like beggars there is very little they can actual do apart from confiscate their goods. It happens in every city and beach resort all over the world unfortunately. It annoys most people but it is something you have to live with.

  4. Yes this is just a drop in the Ocean. They are all out again tonightwith the goods all over the pavements. I get the impression that it’s really too much trouble to take them in. A lot of hard work without a result at the end of it all. Those selling the bags etc are actually quite popular. Some have been around for years and have come to know returning visitors quite well.

  5. I wouldn’t call it special operations .. let be fair the lucky lucky men and the Chinese are out in force everyday and night .. it’s not rocket science and would be very easy to have plain clothed police on a daily basis to take them off the streets .. the strip is rife on a nightly basis and near Veronica’s you can buy glasses watches weed coke from 90% of them !!

  6. I have to agree with Nigel – it all seems a pointless exercise because it doesnt offer any deterent and to allow these illegal street vendors to buy back their illegal and often fake goods is just barmy. When criminals or people act like this continually ignoring the laws you know the fight is lost unless the authorities come up with a better solution. The fact they havent is evidence they dont have the inclination to do so which could detract from the better class of tourist coming to the Islands.

  7. Ok I hear what you say Janet but they might as well let them do what they want as 2-3 hours interruption and then sell they the items back is hardly enforcing the law..All I hear is that they have not enough resources and as all our swallows know the problem is getting worst with pickpockets,looky looky men and drug sellers and when we see the police in scooters propping up the coffee shop bars along the coast we wonder what we pay our property taxes to the adeje council for ??.Many years ago we had the mainland police come to the island to clear out all the street sellers and Romanian pea men and it worked well.Everybdy seems to have an excuse or reason nowadays why they can sort out illegal people out and somebody else is always to blame.

  8. I appreciate what you say Janet but when it returns to normal after 3 hours it’s seems a waste of time and when they can buy their illegal counterfeit items back makes it even more laughable.

    1. Author

      well they pay the fine … and then they have a police record … so that next time …

      I hear what you say and agree they need to “do more” but this is a council police force and the resources aren’t there. And it’s not the sort of “offence” that the big forces deal with …

  9. Author

    That is why they have special operations like this one!

  10. We passed on the day in question and whilst the cheap as chips men were nervous they were back in force as soon as the police left which as normal make a mockery of the whole system.As winter residents here we even know where they keep their drugs they sell in various holes in the walls around veronicas..I have to say this winter we are seeing more and more and are finding their tactics quite intimidating even when you say no..These people are getting more & more brazen and seem to think they now own the island and can do what they like either by force or the sheer numbers of them ..when are the authorities going to stop paying lip service to decent people & shop owners and really do something about this ??

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