Arona Policía Local swoop on fake goods shops in Los Cristianos

Photo: Arona Policía Local.

Arona’s Policía Local has seized around 100 boxes of counterfeit goods after swooping simultaneously on six shops in various streets around Los Cristianos harbour area yesterday. Four of the shops were in C/. Pablos Abril, one in the pedestrian walkway Juan XXIII, and another in Avda de Los Playeros (formerly C/. General Franco). Police say that the operation involved investigations of a dozen or so staff and owners in the premises and searches which resulted in the seizure of the fake products which were being sold as genuine to tourists. One of the employers is also being investigated for employment rights offences. The operation is the culmination of several months of work in a background operation including industrial piracy experts, and involved fake bags, T-shirts, belts and beach wraps sold as designer goods.


  1. Hi, Gill Huffmon ! Can’t say I’ve noticed any real crackdown in New York, especially in Canal St, Chinatown LOL! Even the New York Finest shop there the last time I visited !
    There is a gradual change in enforcement but as long as there is a profit to be made it will continue whether it be here or on the mainland of Europe !
    Perhaps if the prices of some of the real goods were reduced then they would sell more ?

  2. Why do people buy the stuff …….. do they really believe it’s genuine?

  3. Why are the looky looky men allowed to get away with selling fake goods? They are a pain in the butt up here in Puerto de la Cruz especially around the Lago Martinez area.

  4. Coming from Canada I was appalled last month to see the fake goods being sold in many stores and on the markets – even more shocked at how many people were buying them! They have really clamped down on this over here in North America, with prosecutions and huge fines – it’s Intellectual property theft, but while people still buy it there will always be someone willing to sell it.

  5. The lucky lucky men and the hair platters should be banned as if you don’t buy from them some are very rude even swearing at you

  6. Six shops and several months of work. I can show them another six in 5 minutes and another and another

  7. And the looky looky men are allowed to pressure sell fake goods to the same tourists and not pay any tax or business rates in open view of the police.It seems that the shop owners who recently complained have shot themselves in the foot !

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