Arona awards new contract to different rubbish collection company to start from February

Update 23 November: Arona Ayuntamiento has awarded a new contract to start from February to Valoriza Servicios Medioambientales (formed from Sacyr-Vallehermoso and Hermanos Santana Cazorla). The new contract is worth €101.6 million and runs for 8 years, extendable for a further 8 years. Valoriza promises significant improvements in the service of refuse collection in the municipality. Let’s hope so. PV

Update 29 Sept: “Poco a poco” it is! Here is a photo taken today in Los Cristianos by thetenerifeforum member Colleen, more than 36 hours after the strike has been called off.

Los Cristianos rubbish strike (jack)

Update 28 Sept: Well, they’ve called off the strike because Arona Ayuntamiento has committed itself to paying any outstanding wages in November. It’s not all good news, however, because they aren’t going all out to clear the rubbish accumulated since the strike was called, but have said they will do it “little by little”, with no extra hours being worked without money on the table. There is precious little goodwill here now. C24H

Update 25 Sept: Arona’s municipal cleaning workers are back on strike, the second time in a month. Rubbish collection, general cleaning and gardening are all again at a standstill as an indefinite strike starts tonight in protest at missing bonus payments. Workers say that they are not prepared to wait until the second fortnight of November to receive the extra wages which are owed from June and this month. LO

Update 10 Sept: After 360 workers protested in front of the Ayuntamiento today, the Hacienda and Social Security embargoes that have been placed on the contracting company have been adjourned, and the workers can be paid. As a result, the strike has been called off. Many will think that it shouldn’t need to take this for people to be paid for doing a fair day’s work. RTVC

Original post 8 Sept: Arona public cleaning workers are to strike indefinitely over unpaid wages. Worker’s Union  Comisiones Obreas (CCOO) said that a total of 360 personnel would be on strike from tomorrow. All are employed by contracting company Camilo Álvarez, based in Ctra General de Guargacho, and with head office in  Arona. Workers say they haven’t been paid since August.  C24H

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