Arona puts 12 plain-clothes police on the streets to curb “antisocial behaviour”

Arona Ayuntaourmiento is putting a dozen plain-clothes Policía Local officers on the street to ensure that the public obeys local bylaws. The agents will control street vendors, PRs, littering and rubbish dumping, illegal taxis, thefts, animal ownership infractions, and other “antisocial behaviour”. The council says that it has authority to do this from the Canarian Government in order to deal with ongoing petty offences.

Concejal de Seguridad Ciudadana, Manuel Reverón, told the EL DÍA paper that the patrols will start to operate on 1 December, and that one area for concern was people who disposed of rubbish outside of permitted hours: as I posted HERE, in Arona, rubbish hours are from 8pm to midnight, and rubbish must be taken out in closed bags. Sr Reverón said that people who put rubbish out in the mornings, or in open bags, created a deplorable smell and risk of infection, as well as causing harm to the municipality’s image.

With regard to animal ownership, the plain-clothes police will be checking that dogs defined as potentially dangerous are muzzled and on leads, and that owners have the registration paperwork and necessary insurance. They will also be on the lookout for owners of all dogs who allow them to foul public areas without cleaning up after them.

As far as street vendors and PRs are concerned, Sr Reverón indicated that the officers were under instruction to control them so as to allow the public free movement through the streets of the municipality’s tourist areas. They have been instructed too, to be alert for any private pick ups or drop offs at tourist complexes where taxi business might be thought to be suffering. As a general instruction they will be watching for pickpockets who stake out areas, and for any indications of drug deals, apparently regularly conducted in public spaces.

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  1. about time too but not enough officer’s

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