Arona resident wins international recognition for writing

Arona resident Tara Denholm-Smith has come second in the ‘Inspiring the World Journalism Competition’ hosted by the Epoch Times, a Chinese American publication with various editions around the world. The award came with a prize of $3,000 for her true-life story The Year you Didn’t Break me, which Tara says was based upon her own recent experience of abandonment, betrayal and recovery, following her husband’s affair with her best friend. The story has since received thousands of hits on social media.

After a busy period rebuilding her life, Tara has now retrained as a professional copywriter and has set up a copywriting business based in London, but which she says helps small businesses across the world to sell their goods and services through well written content and copy. “Writing is a very cathartic and creative activity”, she says. “This process helped me emotionally and gave me the confidence to move forward and base my new career upon a passion for words. I’m so proud to have not only overcome the obstacles that life threw at me, but to win an award purely judged upon the quality of my writing, is beyond my wildest dreams. It’s a great start to 2018! I want my story to bring inspiration and hope to anyone else who may be struggling with life challenges too.”



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  1. So proud of Tara, she looked after us so well years ago in Teneriefe.

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