Arona bans putting out rubbish before 8pm

Arona Ayuntamiento has introduced a ban on residents of the municipality putting their rubbish out before 8pm. Residents who attended a recent meeting held in Cabo Blanco by the Council to announce the measures said that they held the local authorities alone to blame for the state of the area, and that the responsibility for Arona’s dirtiness was being transferred to the borough’s citizens.

Those at the meeting were indignant that there will now be a fine for anyone caught failing to comply with the Ayuntamiento’s new regulations, and angry about what they perceive to be the Council’s manipulation in including pictures of piles of rubbish overflowing public wheelie bins in an information booklet delivered days before the meeting. None the less, the new rules applicable throughout Arona are that residents must keep rubbish indoors until they can dispose of it at 8pm, despite criticism of the measures on the grounds that it will cause a stench in dwellings throughout the day, particularly in the heat of midsummer.  El Dia