Arona Summer Festival 2017

Arona Summer Festival 2017

Since it began in 2011 it has become a major summer event, and this year’s Arona Summer Festival is likely to be just as popular as previous years. This year’s will be held in a new festival ground in Amarilla Golf over 4-6 August, with much greater parking available, wider spaces away from the stage for other events and greater security, and of course the camping! There is a full programme which the organizers are planning to announce this evening so watch this space! ASF has an official website is HERE for anyone interested to keep up to date. There’s also a twitter feed HERE, and a Facebook page HERE,


  1. What’s the dates for 2017 ?

  2. Author

    I have not come across an announcement for 2017 yet. The festival has a Facebook page HERE, though, so you can follow it there and keep up with announcements as they’re made.

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