Arona to be municipality with heaviest fines in Tenerife for dog fouling and littering

Arona is putting a bylaw in place which will allow fines of between €750 and €3,000 to be imposed on dog owners who fail to clear up after their pets. The Ayuntamiento says that the measure has been fuelled by the many complaints received about dog mess on the streets. Environment councillor Antonio Sosa said that the measure will be approved in the next few weeks and will make Arona the municipality with the heaviest fines against pet owners in Tenerife.

Those who leave rubbish on the streets will also be on the receiving end of the Ayuntamiento’s displeasure. Sr Sosa said that anyone who deposits rubbish anywhere other than in the bins and makes the streets dirty. It is not clear yet what fines are envisaged for this. He said that some complaints came from hotels and holidaymakers and that Arona was going to take the utmost care of its touristic image.

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