Arona to bill Valle San Lorenzo residents between €550 and €74,600 for public works

An incredible story this. Arona Ayuntamiento is billing the residents of Valle San Lorenzo a total of €1,120,000 for improvement works around the town’s church and square. Residents will have to pay between €550 and €74,600 each because the town hall has agreed its depleted coffers cannot afford the works.

The measure was approved in an “extraordinary and urgent” council session on 8 June, it seems, where it was called “a co-operative system”. The council said that the scheme meant that “the benefits and costs derived from the planning were fairly distributed among the affected owners”. Notifications of the amounts due by each resident are now being sent out, and recipients have 20 days to submit their replies.

Residents are, needless to say, up in arms over this, not just because of the financial burden, but also because some are away or on holiday and will therefore not be able to respond in time. They also fear that anyone who is unable to do so will be the victim of legal action and official publication of their names. El Dia

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