Arona without lifeguards, sunbeds, parasols … and now without a fair!

Arona Policía Local have confirmed that the Los Cristianos fair was closed early, before New Year’s Eve, for security failures, with some rides dangerously perched on blocks or planks of wood. Police say that when challenged, the fair owners were unable to provide any plan for safety measures and evacuation as required by bylaw.

The fair owners say that they had set up on the verbal permission of the council’s fiesta department, and indeed had already been there a week prior to being inspected. Councillor Manuel Reverón, however, said that the police action had the backing of the council, and that these types of activity had to be legal.

Many of the stall and ride owners come over from the mainland for these fairs, and have done for years, and their presence during Carnaval, only next month, is now in doubt.  Police say that they will be keeping an eye on various local spots to ensure that the fair doesn’t set up again, thereby ensuring the security of the public, but given that the practices of the fair’s participants are likely to be habitual, it seems strange that this should only become an issue now.



  1. Police action better late than never – the safety of the public must always be the no. 1 priority.

  2. “with some rides dangerously perched on blocks or planks of wood”

    Have walked around this fare many times over the years. It (or ones like it in LC) have always had rides ‘supported’ on wooden blocks. So nothing new there as far as I am concerned.

    But, if dangerous, it’s right that authorities take necessary action.

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