Arona’s beaches finally have lifeguards again

Arona’s lifeguards are saying that the beaches are now manned. That is to say, Arona’s old lifeguards are saying that the beaches are now manned … and not by them. After the entire saga, resulting in a year’s worth of posts HERE, of 18 months of being forced to provide minimum services without being paid, and of finally being locked out of their own work station, Arona’s beaches finally have lifeguards again. New ones.

As I posted in that link on 14 January, Arona’s environment councillor, Antonio Sosa, had announced that the council was looking to contract two or three lifeguards for a few months to provide temporary cover until the process to award the contract for the service is finished. And the council has now done so, it seems, six of them, and none from the old contingent. As Diario de Avisos is reporting this morning, Pro Activa will now provide lifeguard cover to the beaches temporarily. The lifeguards say they will continue with their fight to have their own rights recognized, and compensated.

From a purely cool-headed perspective, at least there are lifeguards, so Tenerife’s tourism reputation won’t continue to be endangered by the chaos in Arona. But who will forget the last year and a half? And who will forget the lifguards themselves? And hopefully no-one will forget the solution at last provided by Councillor Sosa, who says that things couldn’t continue like this, and an urgent response was needed …

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  1. It seems a shame that arona council treats people this way. We had the same thing when we owned a bar in los cristianos and so did all the other businesses around us.we had the bar nine years did everything we were told and still never got our opening licence or did anybody else. They dont give you any help whatsoever.
    So yes I am glad that there are now life guards on the beaches but not the way it has been carried out and I feel that the original life guards who did a superb job and have struggled along for 18 months with no pay yet still doing their job on a reduced scat will never get paid. I just hope the people who are responsible for this will not be able to sleep of a night.

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