Arona’s new “rapid intervention brigade” of plain-clothes policemen will be watching you

As part of new bylaw regulations for rubbish disposal (see HERE) Arona Ayuntamiento is employing plain-clothes policemen to ensure the public in the municipality comply. The police will focus on areas known as blackspots, often in the borough’s tourist areas where establishments and residents pile rubbish up at bins which are already full, or throw it out during daylight hours. In Arona, rubbish hours are from 8pm to midnight, and rubbish must be taken out in closed bags. For some other municipalities, please see the link above.

Environment councillor Antonio Sosa said that he was determined to ensure that thoughtless rubbish disposal did not give Arona a bad tourist image. He added that the same plain-clothes officers – the new brigadas de intervención rápida (rapid intervention brigade) – would also patrol during the evenings to control street traders, and dog owners who failed to clean up after their pets. Between eight and twelve police will be involved in monitoring “civil behaviour” in the areas, particularly, of Los Cristianos and Playa de las Américas.



  1. I think it’s wonderful that finally they are putting rules in place for the rubbish disposal..they also should have a rescyleing program in place.. I hope they fine people that let their dogs deificate on the streets..

  2. Author

    You’ll be pleased to know that they do have a reclycing programme in place, Doreen, widely deployed, widely used, and very successful.

  3. Great to see Arona’s priorities
    No lifeguards but they have secret bin police

  4. Since January 2014 when the litter police were employed, I can’t say I’ve noticed any difference. There are insufficient bins, hence rubbish left on the street beside them as they are full! THE BIGGEST CULPRIT is MILLER TOURS BROCHURES! They are spread about the town in their 1000’s, either under stones or attached to fencing with paper clips & when it becomes windy they BLOW EVERYWHERE! The BIG question is – do they PAY the Ayuntamiento for the privileged of CONTINUALLY LITTERING our streets with their FREE ADVERTISING? If not, could someone please tell me why THEY are allowed to do it and NOT every other local company with a business to promote?

  5. I agree entirely with your comments about Miller Travel, Jennifer. I also cannot understand how or why they are allowed to litter South Tenerife in the way that they do. I can only suggest that wherever you see a Millers brochure anywhere, be it on a wall, under stones or attached to a fence you should place it in the nearest rubbish bin. Apparently the Authorities turn a blind eye to this company’s litter creation; that does not mean that the residents of Tenerife should do the same.

  6. I agree. We are Swallows and will give up on Tenerife as we find the Millers litter so annoying. Lanzarote next year

  7. I used to bin the leaflets but they soon return. The council should fine Millers and use the money to pay staff to continually pick up and dispose of them. It needs to be official as I have been abused and threatened on a couple of occasions by the &*^+** who do the littering.

    Or just “chill” as there’s nothing we can do

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