Artesanal and craft beers – real ale – in Tenerife

I’m asked susprisingly (for me) often where people can find “real ale”, and not being a beer drinker I don’t actually know if “artesanal beers” are generally the same thing, but yesterday in the Salon Gastronómico in Santa Cruz I discovered that there was a BeerShooter shop in Santa Cruz. This company sells all sorts of craft beers, including international names, so I hope the info helps. There is a website for the company and the shop HERE, and a Facebook page HERE. And if you know of any other shops selling these sorts of beer, or bars where they’re served, please do post in the comments box below … I’ve called the post Artesanal and craft beers – real ale – in Tenerife so it should show up easily if anyone is using the search box on any of those terms!


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    I’ve just had the following from Nichola …

    Hi Janet, I’ve just been reading … about where to get craft beers on the island. Just to let you know theres a wonderful place in La Tejita centro comercial that have a huge selection of craft beers from Canary islands and all over the world (they also do amazing homemade burgers). Its called ‘Beers’ (theres another one in La Laguna, its a franchise).

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    IP thank you so much! It was originally told to me by someone who knew about tech but wasn’t all that great at explaining it.

  3. Janet, although your “solution” will often work, I think you might be a bit mixed up with your reasoning.

    The offending link in your post starts with https:// which essentially tells the browser that the site is secure but it’s not a secure site so the browser (not Google) will complain. The site doesn’t claim to be secure so the link should start with http:// which will work.

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    The links are fine, the problem is Google because they don’t like that the website doesn’t have a security certificate acceptable to Google. The site is safe. Just take out the http bit at the front of the URL and it should work .

    As to a brewery in Barcelona, this is a chain of franchises with main company in Barcelona.

  5. The links you’ve posted Janet, don’t seem to be what I’m sure you thought they were. The first HERE comes up as a security risk and the second HERE is a brewery in Barcelona

  6. If real Tenerife brewed craft beer is what you seek, then check out the Tacoa Brewer in El Sauzal. Brewed with 100% natural ingredients, I have found the beers to be very moorish. Ranging from the usual light beers, through IPA to my favourite, the Tacoa Porter – they all embody the principles of traditional craft beers. You can find the range in some specialty bars so take a look and give them a try.

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