Arts and crafts fairs in Tenerife in 2018

Photo: Artesanía de Tenerife.

Arts and crafts fairs are regular events throughout Tenerife, and Artesanía de Tenerife has announced the full line-up for 2018 in Tenerife. The fairs, from small to large, are are always well attended, with people browsing and buying the products of some really creative and talented individuals, all of whom are officially recognized with an artisan card, a carné de artesano (see more HERE). Apart from the Los Silos fair which was held last week, the first will be at Güímar tomorrow, followed by Arafo on 17 & 18 March, and the calendar HERE extends all the way to up to the traditional Christmas fair in Santa Cruz in the new year 2019 (some people find the link doesn’t open properly so I’ve reproduced the calendar below).



  1. Hi Janet – I can’t get the link to open to see the list of Craft Fairs. We will be in Tenerife from 9th to 23rd April – I’m just wondering if there are any Fairs in during that time. Thank you so much.

  2. Author

    It’s a google “privacy” problem. When you click that link, you will see that the URL starts with “https://”. Just remove that from the beginning of the website address and it will work fine. This is not a problem with the link or the site, but with the search engine. I’ve also now just cut and pasted the information into the post above for easier reference, and in case people aren’t comfortable with google’s warning that the site “might not be safe” !

  3. Thank you Janet

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