As yet another woman falls victim to domestic violence, the National Police say “No Te Calles, denúncialo” (Don’t stay quiet, denounce it)

With the eighth Canarian domestic violence killing taking place in San Isidro early this morning, please do be aware that the law defines it as any act of physical or psychological violence, including attacks against sexual freedom, threats, humiliation, coercion, sexual abuse, or deprivation of liberty: violencia de genero does not have to be physical to be classified as domestic abuse.

Spain has a terrible record, and it is overwhelmingly men who are killing women in their own homes, men whom these women should have been able to trust. The Canaries have seen eight women lose their lives this year to the men they lived with: nationally there have been 52, but the Canaries tops the table. Please have a look at THIS page for full information in English and further links to resources, advice and contacts for assistance from the range of measures put in place here by the authorities to help people at risk.

The Policía Nacional say “si eres víctima de violencia de género ¡NO TE CALLES! denúncialo – 091 Estamos aquí para ayudarte.” (If you are a domestic violence victim, don’t stay quiet. Denounce it – 091 we are here to help you).

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