South Tenerife hospital works now paralysed

Update 9 October: Well, they said that work would continue “at a rate dictated by budgetary demands”, and budgetary demands in the Canaries at present have involved an appeal to the mainland for a bailout, so it’s perhaps not surprising that there’s no money to pay contractors. As a result, work has now stopped on the hospital with heavy machinery being moved off site, and the Unión Temporal de Empresas (UTE), formed by the contractor FCC-Isolux-Corsan-Syocsa Inarsa consortium, says that as of 2 October, all works on El Mojón hospital are now paralysed.

Update 2 May: Whether it had anything to do with the public protests (see HERE) or not, the President of the Canaries, Paulino Rivero, has today given assurances that money has been allocated for the new public hospitals in north and south Tenerife. He laid the blame for the delay in works at the southern hospital at the feet of the citizen protest group for demanding extra services over and above those originally planned.

The President said the works had not stopped but were continuing at a rate dictated by budgetary demands, perhaps an oblique reference to the millions said to be outstanding to one major contractor who has been reported as having downed tools until payment was made. Nonetheless, it will please many to hear Sr Rivero confirm that the works are to continue, even if only slowly, and to affirm that the southern hospital is a necessity for the area. The President was speaking during a visit to the new San Isidro health centre.

Update 12 November 2011: Well it’s going nowhere fast. The work in this marathon and convoluted project  is still “paralyzed”, and contractors haven’t been paid … and the Canarian Government’s budget for 2012 contains not a cent for the southern hospital.

Times are hard, and even the association of Ayuntamientos are complaining that they aren’t getting enough filtered down money to keep some schools open, but there was a promise that frontline health service would not be prejudiced.

Well, the private ones aren’t, I suppose …..

Update 4 April 2011: At last, Sanidad has awarded the tender for the completion of the southern hospital. The works have been awarded to UTE, formed by FCC-ISOLUX-CORSAN-SYOCSA INARSA, and will cost almost 26 million Euros. The finished hospital will occupy 23,000 square metres distributed over 4 floors with 60 patient beds, 4 delivery rooms, and a treatment centre for 15 medical and surgical specialities.

The works will begin at the end of this month or the beginning of May, and will be in two phases, which will allow Casualty, laboratories, radiology and specialist consulting areas to be completed by summer next year, with the second phase being completed by summer 2013.  PV

Original post 23 December 2010: Work has stopped again on the Tenerife’s south Hospital in El Mojón as contractors say they have received “not a cent” of the millions owed them for work throughout 2010. The Canarian Government’s Social Welfare department says the non-payment is the result of “the end of the 2010 tax year”, though it admits that it now owes more than 3 million Euros to the builders, and was unable to specify when the monies would be paid given the current economic situation. PV

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